White (화이트)


For what it was…I liked it!

This was the first horror type Korean movie I’ve seen since watching “The Host” (which, I know, isn’t really “horror”) back in 2007 or 2008.  This one I actually watched because Jin Se Yeon was in it. Honestly, I didn’t expect a horror film since the following is the only description Netflix provided:

Girl group “Pink Dolls” is always pushed into the background by other popular idols. When the girls release their new song “White” -a remake from unknown origins they become instant sensations.

Here is the movie synopsis, courtesy of Asian Wiki:

The four members of “Pink Dolls” include Eun-Joo, a former breakdancer, Jenny, a singer insecure with hitting high notes, A-Rang, a singer addicted to plastic surgery, and Shin-Ji, who can’t sing, but is good at rapping. As the group becomes more and more popular, jealousy and competitiveness increases as all the girls tries to become the lead singer. But, when a member becomes the lead singer that person falls victim to a horrible accident, one by one. Eun-Joo then realizes that the song “White” is cursed and she attempts to reveal the secret…

To be honest, it ALMOST had a “The Ring”/”The Grudge” type feel to it, but since it wasn’t the main focus, it was easy to dismiss and focus on the story at hand. It progressed steadily, but the viewer is sort of left with an “Alfred Hitchcock” ending. Obviously you have ideas, but I had to google the movie to find a summary so I could make sense of what really happened. Truth be told, I’ve been spoiled by Korean cinema because most movies, dramas, etc. have the habit of tying up loose ends very nicely.

All in all, if you’re in the mood for a tame horror movie, this one would be a good one to watch!

I give this movie a 3/5.


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