Sex is Zero 2


This was a good movie, but…

It’s definitely made for a more mature audience. Why? There are boobs and butts everywhere!!! Okay, maybe not EVERYWHERE, but a handful of scenes do contain nudity. That’s my disclaimer~ ^^

Movie synopsis:

Three years later, Eun-Sik doesn’t have much luck with girls. He’s dating Kyung-Ah from the swim team, but he hasn’t been able to get past kissing. Meanwhile, Sung-Guk, leads the K-1 club. The club also happens to share their building with the swimming club. Sung-Guk, is a self-professed expert on sex and relationships and he attempts to help Eun-Sik get past the kiss stage.

Final thoughts:

Like most of the K-Movies I watch, I didn’t know who was acting in it until it began to stream. The three main actors/actress are ones that I’m familiar with, and have really grown to like. Actress Song Ji Hyo is in my top 5 of favorite actresses, and I’ve seen Im Chang Jung and Choi Sung Guk in a few other movies. At first, it’s a little confusing as to what’s going on, but once you get caught up, it’s a decent flick. Overall, the movie has a lot of comic relief (while some scenes could be considered crude), a few crazy scenes, and even a couple of sad ones.

Would I recommend it? Yes. It’s a great light-hearted, sexy romantic comedy with the potential to have an awesome response from the audience, provided you don’t mind a little boobie play. ; )

I give this movie a 3.5/5


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