200 Pounds Beauty


Really great movie!

This movie is definitely different than the traditional Korean drama or romantic comedy. (Hopefully you’ll see what I mean if/when you watch it!) It tells a story of struggle, disappointment, and over coming major obstacles in spite of ones self.

Movie synopsis:

Hanna is a very large girl with a warm heart. She also possesses an unbelievable voice. Hanna wants to become a pop-singer, but due to her extra-large appearance, can only work as a faceless singer. She provides the vocals for a popular singer named Ammy, a beautiful young lady that can’t carry a note to save her life.

Hanna is also in love with Ammy’s music producer, Sang-Joon, but it’s a one-sided love. One day, Hanna is invited to Sang-Joon’s birthday party and receives a red dress from him to wear. Hanna is excited, yet scared. The dress is revealing and quite extravagant. With her very large figure, she is not sure if she can wear such an outfit. Hanna does eventually go to the birthday party in the red dress, but is mortified when petite Amy appears in the same red dress. During the course of the birthday party, Hanna experiences more emotional trauma, causing her to completely disappear for a whole year. Hanna then returns as the beautiful Jenny…

Final thoughts:

It’s a beautiful and heart-wrenching story. It shows the effects and pressure put on people to meet societies “standards” of beauty. So, is there a happy ending? You’ll have to check it out to see! 😉

**Side note: Kim Ah Joong sang all the songs sung by “Hanna” in the movie. Wow, just wow. She has a beautiful voice, and it just adds to the beauty of the story.

I give this movie a 3.5/5


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