I put this movie in my queue about 6 months ago, and there it sat. In fact, the only reason I watched it all of a sudden was because it was about to expire; (sad, I know~), but I am so glad I did!

Movie synopsis:

Ki Soo, Myung Sik, and Ah Rom were members of the same notorious motorcycle gang. They enjoyed their days roaming the streets recklessly on their motorcycles.

Now, Ki Soo works as a motorcycle delivery man, Myung Sik is a motorcycle cop and Ah Rom is a member of pop idol group. One day, Ki Soo has Ah Rom riding on the back of his motorcycle as he makes a delivery. To his surprise the delivered package explodes as he leaves the building. Ki Soo’s cellphone rings and he hears a voice telling him that their is another bomb planted in his helmet which Ah Rom is wearing. Ki Soo is ordered to take another delivery. If the delivery is late or he attempts to run away, the helmet will explode…

So, here’s another example of a movie that, when you read a very brief synopsis (not necessarily the one from above), it has ‘likeness’ to an American movie. However, in this case, it was MUCH better than the American version! If you don’t already know, I’m referring to the Am. movie 30 Minutes or Less. There were obvious differences, but to be honest, this story had much more depth than its American ‘counterpart.’ (**Please note that I am using the term ‘counterpart’ loosely~) 😉

Quick offered plenty of action, and the threads of humor woven throughout this highly entertaining flick definitely make it worth a watch. If you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend giving it a chance.

I give this movie a 3.5/5


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