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The Admiral: Roaring Currents


Phenomenal movie! Well worth 2 hours and 8 minutes of your time.

I always get excited when a Korean movie is showing at one of my local theaters. Even though I live in a moderately Korean populated area, we’re lucky if they play one Korean movie every month and a half or so. I had read about this movie and its success during its opening weekend in Korea, and thought this would be a fantastic movie to see in the theatre, so imagine my delight when I saw that it would start showing on August 15!

Movie Synopsis:

Movie depicts the Battle of Myeongryang which took place October 26, 1597. The battle involved Admiral Yi Sun-Shin, who had only 12 ships under his command, against the Japanese navy which had over a hundred ships.

Final Thoughts:

This movie is full of action, incredible effects and cinematography, and the acting is beyond epic! Choi Min Sik is amazing, as is Ryu Seung Ryong. There were humorous moments, extremely sad and moving moments, and moments where you wanted to (and did) stand with the audience and clap your hands! I highly recommend this movie; you won’t be disappointed.

I give this movie 5/5!