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5 Korean MV’s that are Dark, Creepy, or Scary~!


In honor of Halloween, here are 5 Korean MV’s (music videos) that are either dark, creepy, or scary!

Check them out below:

1. VIXX – Hyde


2. BTOB – Thriller


3. BEAST – Shadow


4. Sunmi – Full Moon


5. Kim Jaejoong – Mine



VIXX – Voodoo Doll


What are your thoughts? Which one do you think is most appropriate for Halloween?

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Thank you, 감사합니다, ありがとう!!!

Thank-You.jpg pinoakpto

Today I have reached 31 followers! (On October 31st, no less ^^) *Celebrates* Thirty-one may not seem like much to some, but I am grateful beyond words. I’m also extremely grateful to every single person who has viewed my blog since day 1. Regardless of whether or not you’re an official “follower,” you guys inspire me to keep up in the blogosphere!

So, THANK YOU. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for your “likes” and comments. Thank you for sharing my posts. And thank you for every time you come back to read something new.

If this is your first time here, Welcome~! I hope you see something of interest, and come back for more! ^^

With sincere thanks,





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Top 5 Korean Superstitions…for your Halloween Reading Pleasure! (Disclaimer: 15+ is highly recommended)


Upon reading through about a dozen articles, and talking to a few of my Korean friends about superstitions, I’ve put together a list of the top 5 that appear to be the MOST popular in Korea:

1. Red Ink
In Korea, red ink is used to record a death in the family registry, so it is bad form to write any living person’s name in red ink. It’s also considered to be very unlucky. This superstition takes it a step further by saying if someone has written another person’s name in red ink, they must want them dead. *Shivers*

2. The #4
This superstition is widely known, and for good reason. In Korean, the number 4 is pronounced as Sah. The pronunciation is quite similar to the Chinese word for “death” (many Han words share characters that come from Chinese symbols). You will notice in many Asian countries (not just Korea), that in elevators the number 4 is often-times replaced by the letter “F” or might just be skipped altogether.

3. Whistling at night
If you whistle at night, or even play a piri (Korean wind instrument), you could inadvertantly summon snakes…or even ghosts! I wonder if a tea kettle is just as bad?!

F. Fan Death
Fan death is probably the most common Korean superstition. The superstition is that a person can die from suffocation by leaving an electric fan on all night while sleeping in a closed room. There are so many people who believe this superstition, companies that make electric fans have installed timers, so the user can set it to turn off after they have fallen asleep!

5. Moving Day
Picking the right day to move is important; especially in Korea. There are a couple of things associated with this particular superstition:

  1. You must pick the right day; in other words, move on a day “without evil spirits or uninvited guests.” Many moving companies in Korea will provide a calendar showing the days that are safe for a move. Luckily, there are a handful of days each month that are great for moving your belongings without those pesky spirits tagging along.
  2. The day you choose to move, you will load all of your things into the moving truck and leave…all without doing a final sweep and clean of the place. It is said that by doing so, you confuse any left behind spirits into thinking that you still reside in the same place. By the time the new tenants move in and clean up, it’ll be too late for the spirits to find you.

*Bonus: If it rains on your moving day, it means you will become rich! Hooray for rain! ^^

Runners up:

1. Butterflies/Eyes
The superstition says that if you touch your eyes after touching a moth or butterfly, you will go blind.

2. Cutting nails at night
Trimming your nails at night is a no-no. Why? Because mice will eat the nail clippings, transform into a human, take your form, or even steal your soul!

*Note: This superstition began in the days before electricity.

3. Showering and vaccinations
If you shower within 24 hours of being vaccinated (it doesn’t matter what the vaccination was for), you will die. Although, I’ve heard of many that have showered and lived to see another day. 😉

How many of these have you heard before? Which ones, if any, do you believe?

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Have a SPOOKTACULAR day~! ^-^




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How to “Like” a Post or Comment w/o Having to Create Your Own Blog!

Hello my lovely and super awesome followers/readers!

I decided to put together this quick post because I had a couple of people tell me that they enjoyed reading a lot of my posts, but they didn’t want to sign up for their own blog just to like or comment on mine (which is totally understandable, by the way)! I have some GREAT news for them…AND you: You don’t have to!!! *Busts a move*

But on the real…here’s a quick and easy way to get involved with people on WordPress.com WITHOUT having to create your own blog; isn’t that the most fantastic news you’ve heard all day?! (Well, aside from ALL of the cool stuff currently going on in the K-pop community, that is! ^^)

I took a screenshot of the registration page, and check out the red arrow/red circling in the pic:


Okay, so…if you click on that photo, and look at the very last line, it gives you the option to sign up for just a username! All that requires is an email address (one you can actually confirm) and your own unique user I.D and password. That’s it! Pretty cool, right?! So, whenever you want to like or comment on a post, just log in, and you’re set!

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! ^^

I hope everyone has an awesome day/night!




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SHINee’s Jonghyun to Release OST for Drama “Birth of a Beauty”


According to Mnet and Donuts Entertainment, Jonghyun will be the first artist to perform a song for the OST. The title song is said to be called She, and “combines swing rhythm with clear vocal sound, expressing the most heart-fluttering moments in the drama.”

The song will be released at noon on November 1st (KST).



Birth of a Beauty, a romantic-comedy, airs tomorrow at 9:55 p.m. KST

For more info, check out the following article: SHINee’s Jonghyun Releases OST for New Drama


Cr: Mnet & Donuts Ent.

Photo Credit: SBS & kpop_all


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MTV EMAs 2014 – B.A.P Nominated!!!


Okay, so the MTV EMAs (Europe Music Awards) are a pretty big event every year, and this year is no different. The only thing that makes me (and other fellow k-poppers) excited, is that B.A.P has been nominated for Best Worldwide Act! C’mon BABYs, let’s vote for this Best Absolute Perfect group of guys~! 😉 Voting ends in 9 days, and you can vote multiple times per day.

To vote, check out the link below:

MTV EMA Vote Worldwide Act

Here’s a couple of their most popular MV’s to get you in the mood:

One Shot~



I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of drama-type MV’s…both of these are SO good!

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Brand New MV Release~ Zhoumi

Zhoumi’s debut solo track, Rewind, was uploaded by SM less than one hour ago.  Netizens are already going crazy over both versions (Chinese and Korean). Check them out below:

Rewind~ Korean Ver. feat. Chanyeol of EXO-K


Rewind~ Chinese Ver. feat. Tao of EXO-M


Which version do you like better?! ^^

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