Luhan to Leave EXO-M


[Update]: Luhan + SM = Court Referred Mediation

If you haven’t heard by now, Lu Han of Exo-M has filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment citing “Exclusive Contract Invalidity,” while also demanding money in the sum of $50,000,000 won (approx. $46, 641.79 U.S. Dollars).

Speculation surrounding the lawsuit include reasons such as poor health, money, and missing his family.

According to various sources, including Mwave, Lu Han had been absent from a number of concerts and events due to not feeling well (i.e. insomnia, headaches, and nausea). Fans became worried, and rumors spread about his likely departure from the group and the company. On October 10, 2014, (in Korea) the rumors became reality.

Today, new rumors have been flying across the web in regards to the last two Chinese members of Exo-M, Lay and Tao. According to an article released by allkpop.com, it appears that Lay and Tao may also follow suit, and leave SM Entertainment the same way Kris (Wu Yifan – former Exo-M member) and Lu Han have. If this happens, there is talk of these 4 forming their own Mando-Pop group in their home country. You can read the full article here: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/10/rumor-remaining-two-chinese-members-of-exo-to-leave-sm-and-form-a-new-group-in-china-with-kris-and-luhan

How do you feel about this? What are your thoughts?

Here’s what I think; and please note that this is ONLY my opinion~

If this new rumor turns out to be true, then the opinions of many netizens regarding the actual intent behind Exo-M members filing lawsuits to terminate their contracts, may reveal this to be for personal gain. [Some of you have emailed me asking my thoughts about this whole ordeal, so I’ll also be posting my thoughts about Kris’ departure in a separate post] It’s both sad and disturbing at the same time. They found stardom with SM and their group, EXO. Now that they have made a name for themselves, they [potentially] plan on branching out on their own (and, truthfully, will probably be very successful).   Most fans don’t even consider the business side of things. They only see SM as a “big meanie;” however, with this being the real world, it’s not always gum drops and lollipops! What netizens need to remember is that conflict only arises when more than one party (person(s)) is involved, so although it’s easy to point fingers at SM Entertainment, they aren’t the ones filing lawsuits to get out of the contracts that were legally signed and obtained. *Note: This is an extremely complex issue that involves the entire music industry, NOT just a single company (i.e. SM).

Music contracts are VERY specific, not to mention lengthy, but they knew what the expectations of the company were when they so eagerly signed on the dotted line. *Please note, I’m not saying that SM is completely innocent in this, but other agenices are also guilty of over-working their idols; especially if they are still rookies. With EXO only being 2 years old, they’re barely even out of the rookie phase (even though they’ve accomplished more in that time than some older groups from other companies have!). SM has spent millions of won training, marketing, promoting, putting the guys up in their dorm, providing food, clothes, toiletries, healthcare, transportation to and from events, etc.; and I know that SM should pay more attention to their idols’ sleeping habits, health, and overall happiness [Please re-read the italicized portion before getting upset], BUT – honestly, if veteran groups such as Super Junior and SHINee [2 of the top earners in the company] can be successful without all of the drama, then other groups should be able to as well. ^^

Final thoughts…

I really, really, REALLY hope that all this drama dies down…and soon. I’m sure it’s probably hard on the other idols to know that their agency is getting dragged through the mud by a couple of [potentially] ungrateful idols, the entire media, and mobs of angry netizens. #SMTownHwaiting~

Interested in an insiders perspective? Check out this article: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/10/insiders-perspectives-into-the-conflict-between-luhan-and-sm-entertainment

If you have questions, or would like to leave a comment, please do so below; however, I ask that you kindly refrain from using profanity and that you keep it civil.

Gomawo~ ❤


2 thoughts on “Luhan to Leave EXO-M

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