BTS Makes 5,000 Fans VERY Happy~ [BTS 2014 Live Trilogy: Episode II. The Red Bullet]


The boys of BTS have successfully completed their first ever solo concert! A BIG ‘Congrats’ to them for doing such an awesome job! Their solo concert took place over a 3-day period; October 17, 18, & 19, and was held at AX KOREA in Seoul.

According to MWAVE, the concert lasted approximately 2 and a half hours, which allowed the guys to showcase their live vocals during the 24 songs they performed.

Hey ARMY – Missing the guys already? Not to worry, they will begin promos for the track War of Hormones from their Dark & Wild album soon.

New to BTS? Here’s the audio of War of Hormomes. Give it a listen~ ^^

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Credits: MWAVE

BTS Successfully Wraps up First Solo Concert…



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