K-Idol Feature: A SHINee Exposé~ [1 of 6]


My All-time favorite k-pop group is SHINee!

What better way to share my love for them than by posting a special feature article with photos and a sprinkling of info about this popular South Korean boy band~!

I originally posted a huge article with pictures, clips, and MVs of the entire group, as well as featuring each member, but there was so much content, a couple of readers mentioned it was sort of glitchy and took a minute to load completely.  So, I’ll be breaking the one long post down into 6 separate posts to feature the group in one, and each of the 5 members in their very own post.

Please enjoy!

SHINee ~

  • Debuted on May 25, 2008
  • Fandom name: Shawol (SHINee + World = ShaWol)
  • They have 4 Korean studio albums
  • 5 Korean EP’s (extended play)
  • 3 Japanese studio albums
  • 3 Japanese EP’s
  • SHINee has 115 songs (including their Japanese songs)
  • Between all of the members, they have a total of 17 OST songs (Official Soundtracks)
  • They have had 2 Japanese tours, and are currently in the midst of their 3rd (by the end of the tour, they will have performed 30 times in Japan this year alone)
  • Since their debut, SHINee has participated in 16 world tours, with stops in over a dozen countries
  • They have won over 50 awards since 2008, not including wins on weekly music shows during album promotions
  • SHINee is considered to be a fashion icon and are known for the “SHINee trend”
  • The group is known for their intense dancing, even during live performances

 Here are a few SHINee clips, pics, and MV’s~!

MV’s (Music Videos)

2008 – Replay – Where it all began:

2010 – Lucifer:

2013 – Dream Girl (one of my favs):

2013 – Everybody:

 2013 – Colorful – Tribute MV to fans ❤


Live Performances

2010 – Hello – Live w/orchestra (Minho is missing due to scheduling conflict)


2012 – Sherlock Live @ the KMF (Korean Music Festival)


2013 – Sleepless Nights – Preview showcase Live (click the CC for Eng. Subs)


2013 – Why So Serious – Live @ Music Core (one of my fav live performances – Jonghyun was absent due to recovering from a car accident, but Taemin covered his parts beautifully!)


2013 – Symptoms – Live @ Gangnam Hallyu Festival (sexy R&B song)


 Japanese MV’s/Live Performances

2012 – 1000 Years by Your Side – Live during 2012 Japan Tour (my fav Japanese song)


2013 – 321 – MV (unfortunately, Japan only ever releases the short version)


2013 – I’m With You – Live during Japan Tour


2013 – Colors of the Season Live @ Tokyo [Fancam]


Variety Show clips/funny stuff

2010 – Variety show clip – Super cute! (1 minute, 4 seconds)


2012 – Something that I Love ‘Cover’ on Beatles Code (1 minute 41 seconds)


2013 – Cute/funny moment as Onew gets playfully mad at Minho w/English Subs (45 seconds)


2014 – “The Ultimate Group” Cute moments (Onew doesn’t talk much because he was still recovering from having vocal chord polyps removed) (12 minutes, 46 seconds)

Pictures of SHINee


The guys of SHINee make listening to music a real pleasure.

Thanks so much for viewing my pictorial~! ^^

If you have questions or comments, share them below or send me a tweet!


Photo Credits:

24/7 kpop
SM.E – Japan


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