Now and Forever/연리지


If you are in the mood for a tearjerker, this movie is for you!

Now and Forever is a fantastic movie that will pull at your heartstrings in a very big way. When I originally read the synopsis for the movie, it didn’t specify it as a sad movie, so I wasn’t prepared for the waterworks (by that, I mean my gallon of tears, lol).

Movie synopsis~

Min Soo is a playboy who can’t tolerate long term relationships. However, fate takes him to beautiful Hye Won. While, Min Soo becomes totally captivated by Hye Won, Hye Won tries to resist Min Soo, fearing their love will be shortened by her terminal illness.

Final thoughts~

What I enjoyed about this movie (and just about every other Korean movie I’ve ever seen) is the emotion the story invokes from the viewer. The characters pull you in, so you feel like you are truly there experiencing whatever they are going through; both happy and sad. I felt such a strong connection to them that by the end of the movie, I honestly felt as if I had been there; as if I had endured every single obstacle they did; and in a sense…I had.

I won’t give away details, but I highly recommend keeping kleenex, puffs, or scotties within reach for this one!

I give this movie a 4/5

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