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BTS Special Feature~ War of Hormone/호르몬전쟁

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The guys of BTS have this noona’s feels working overtime…and with good reason. Fans have been graced with 4 Korean albums, including their first full-length entitled Dark & Wild, as well as their first Japanese compilation album [2 Cool 4 Skool / O!RUL8,2?] since their official debut less than a year and a half ago!

Their most recent edgy new single, War of Hormone, has been a big hit. It’s the 3rd track off of Dark & Wild, but it has been promoted separately from their first set of promos for Danger. The song is catchy, and the guys show more of their playful/manly side. With their ages ranging from 21 to 17, respectively, it’s not surprising that they appeal to high schoolers and young adults; however, BTS is quickly becoming a “noona-killer” group. 😉

To celebrate the guys of BTS, as well as the success of War of Hormone, check out the following videos that showcase their unique style:

War of Hormone in Halloween Costumes~


War of Hormone Dance Practice~


War of Hormone Making Of~


Last, but not least: War of Hormone MV~


Are you a part of the BTS A.R.M.Y?! Do you have a bias?

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