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UNIQ~ Falling in Love – ENGLISH Version!!!


Hey fans of rookie boy band, UNIQ~

1theK served up a special treat today (November 5th) by uploading the newest version of the groups title song, Falling in Love. So far, we’ve heard it in Korean, Chinese, and now…ENGLISH! If you haven’t already ‘fallen in love’ with these guys, you certainly will. This version includes behind-the-scenes video of the ‘making of jacket’ for their first album; where we get to see their personalities shine as they work hard, but still manage to act silly and look cute. Uploaded about an hour ago, the video already has over 450 “likes” and continues to rise!

You can check out the video below:

If you missed my first post introducing these guys, you can view it HERE. You can also check out their MV for the Chinese theme song (which is performed in English) to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HERE.

I’m super excited to see and hear more from this group. What about you?!

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4 thoughts on “UNIQ~ Falling in Love – ENGLISH Version!!!

    • I know, I am SO excited!!! I totally agree with you; they are definitely going international!!! I’m already thinking about when they may come to the US, lol!

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