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M/V of the day~ JR Groove (a.k.a Bae Jin Ryeol)

I listened to JR Groove’s brand new track, A Walk in November, for the first time only moments ago; and I must say, it is one of the most beautiful instrumental tracks I have ever heard. I’m awe-struck.

I have searched for information about this amazing composer, but cannot find much about his bio; however, I can say with utmost confidence that you have heard his music stylings before. MBLAQ…Rain…yep, just to name a couple! It appears that JR Groove has worked on numerous songs as part of a team of writers and producers.

According to Mwave, he is a composer for JYP, and made his solo debut in January 2009; however, has been active in the music industry since the year 2000. JR Groove’s first album was entitled Bae Jin Ryeol Vol. 1  – JR Groove & Piano, which featured a total of 14 tracks. His brand new album entitled Bae Jin Ryeol Vol. 2 – Yellow/Gray is set to release on Thursday, November 13, 2014 (in case you’re wondering, it can be pre-ordered HERE). This new album comes 5 years after his debut album, and is highly anticipated.

1theK had this to say about JR Groove’s ‘comeback’ –

Bae Jin Ryeol from JR GROOVE is releasing his second regular album after five years since his first regular album in 2009. He has been proposing new colors to the existing New Age music through his mini albums and several single albums. Bae Jin Ryeol is a well known artist for his songs “Sound of A Wind, A Painful Sound” and “CLICK THE SAD WORLD” to the fans of New Age music.

He tried to show the future-oriented piano music with a total of ten tracks of this album, and all the songs are produced, composed, rearranged, and performed by himself. Also, he tried more unique collaboration on the 6th track of the album with JUUNO who’s known as the leader of Casker, and as the music director of the movie “The Terror LIVE” and “Whitle Blower.”

Before I introduce his brand new track, here’s a taste of one his most popular compositions (from the OST for the K-Drama King of Darkness)~


…and without further ado…

A Walk in November~

Beautiful, right?!

I have always felt that music is a universal language; however, for some the language barrier can be bothersome. With this, anyone can truly listen to it and appreciate it for its beauty. If this is the only song you share all year, please share this! 🙂

Questions? Comments? Leave them below, and/or send me a tweet! ^^


Oh, and…TGIF~! 😉





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