The Pirates/해적: 바다로 간 산적


Fantastic movie!

Some say that this is South Korea’s version of the Disney franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean, but I beg to differ.  This extremely successful swashbuckler film, set in the Joseon Dynsaty, makes a splash as an adventurous action-comedy. Even though there are obvious moments of seriousness, this film delivers in being a lighthearted, entertaining work of art.

Movie synopsis~

Set in the Joseon Dynasty period, pirates fight to catch a gray whale which swallowed a royal stamp.

Check out the movie trailer below – don’t forget to enable English subs by clicking the ‘cc’ button:

Final thoughts~

I was excited to see this movie when it came out in theatres, and I was definitely not disappointed.  The various rivals make the laughable moments even more enjoyable, and the action scenes just add to the overall theme of the movie. This isn’t your typical ‘good vs. bad’ type of film; in fact, there is no true hero; however, this seafaring rat race might just leave you with a few warm and fuzzies, and your funny bone tickled once it’s all said and done.

I give this movie 4/5


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