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M/V of the day~ Crush (aka Shin Hyo Seob)


Crush is a multi-talented producer who writes hip-hop, R&B, neo-soul, new jack swing, and more. He released his first album, Crush on You, in June 2014, and is already back with this second album entitled SOFA, which also happens to be the name of his title track. It’s more of a ballad style compared to his first ‘trendy’ and sexy single release, Hug Me feat. Gaeko from Dynamic Duo.

According to 1theK,

Crush’s new album ‘SOFA’ has an introduction part where string instruments and piano are mostly used, and at the highlight, mixtures of sounds from different instruments are combined together. The rich sound contrasts with the empty heart, and adds even more loneliness to the song. This is a song where a balance between the hip-hop R&B elements and popular elements are mixed well together. Also, the ‘SOFA’ is the object that the song focuses and the ‘SOFA’ is used to describe the feelings of not being able to go after a long gone old lover in a rather ambiguous way.

Check out the track below:


Also, check out his first single, Hug Me, below:


Which one do you like better?

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