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UNIQ is Taking the Music Scene by Storm, & Not in a Way You’d Expect!

uniq_officialThis 5-member group debuted less than a month ago, but they have already tackled a couple of huge projects that should go a long way toward cementing their future in the music industry.

On October 19, 2014, UNIQ released the MV for their debut single, Falling in Love. The following day, the Chinese version of the MV was released. Three days later, on October 23rd, the group released a new song and MV, which just so happens to be the theme song for the Chinese release of the Hollywood movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. After another three days, the guys released a Let’s Dance video demonstrating the technique for three of their signature moves in the choreography for Falling in Love (this is a fun concept that many other idol groups also do. It gives fans a chance to see the guys in a more laid back atmosphere while they ‘teach’ their fans a part of the dance).

At this point, UNIQ has made weekly appearances on a number of music shows, performing and promoting their new single, and  have also been guests on radio shows and variety television. Being a rookie group, they must work extra hard to make a name for themselves, but I was shocked and amazed when they released a new ‘Making Of’ video to accompany the release of Falling in Love in ENGLISH! But here’s the kicker…it doesn’t stop there! Most recently – on November 10th, to be exact – UNIQ released a MV for the theme song of the DreamWorks animated movie, “Penguins of Madagascar” entitled Celebrate, which was also recorded in English.

I’ve shared the explanation about their name once before, but I think it bears repeating:

The name UNIQ is a combination of the word “Unique” and the legendary animal “Unicorn.”
It signifies the members’ determination to become legendary and irreplaceably unique.
The team’s logo contains a symbol of a unicorn, showing how mysterious and unique UNIQ is.

I’d say that UNIQ is definitely making strides in becoming ‘legendary,’ don’t you? 😉 The journey has only begun, but I’m excited to see where it takes them.

You can support UNIQ by purchasing their brand new single from iTunes HERE.

If you are a fan of the group, leave a comment below telling me what it is you like about them! You can also chat with me on twitter @fangurl_365 and on Facebook.

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