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2014 MelOn Music Awards – NOW!

**[UPDATE]: For a list of the winners from last night’s awards, click here: Melon Music Awards – List of Winners

For my readers all around the world, the 2014 MelOn Music awards is just minutes away from streaming LIVE on the 1theK youtube site. Click on the link below to watch it LIVE!

The live airing will begin in less than 20 minutes! Here are the times for various countries:

2014.11.13 THU 18:00 (GMT+9, Korea Local Time)
[Sydney] 16:00 PM
[Tokyo] 18:00 PM
[Beijing / HongKong / Kuala Lumpur / Manila] 17:00 PM
[Bangkok / Hanoi] 16:00 PM
[Moskva] 12:00 PM
[Ankara] 11:00 AM
[Paris / Stockholm] 10:00 AM
[London] 9:00 AM
[LA / Vancouver] 1:00 AM
[Mexico City] 3:00 AM
[Santiago] 6:00 AM
[São Paulo] 7:00 AM

If you have questions/comments, let me know! I’ll be around watching the show! Good luck to all the idols and groups! Hwaiting! ^^


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