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M/V of the Day~ Bang Yongguk (B.A.P) feat. Yoseob (B2st)

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In 2011 Yongguk – rapper from B.A.P & Yoseob – main vocalist of B2st, collaborated for the song I Remember; however, it was never performed on television due to its inability to pass certain guidelines. It was deemed inappropriate due to the violence portrayed in the MV. Although it never made it on air, it landed in the top 10 on real-time music charts such as Bugs, Naver, and MelOn, and hit number 22 on Gaon music charts during its run.

**Side note: This was before B.A.P made their debut. Reps were complimenting Bang’s “low rapping,” saying that it was a perfect combination with Yoseob’s vocals.

Watch the MV Below (Yoseob is missing from the MV due to scheduling conflicts):


I love this collaboration! ^^

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