Celebrity Quotes – Lee Byung Hun




The more I act, the harder it gets, since I feel like I still have so much to learn. Whenever I embark on a new project, it always feels like the first time. If it were easy to me and I felt like I knew everything, my acting might have been different. I think the feeling of ‘newness’ keeps me on my toes and concentrated.



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4 thoughts on “Celebrity Quotes – Lee Byung Hun

      • It’s a bit of an odd movie, and I read it got a lot of criticism about the “hollywood-nised ending” (after the credits).
        Maybe because it is so old, it feels very different to more modern movies, a bit stilted in a way.

      • I might try to find it to watch just to see it. Especially since it is older! I usually stick with k-movies that are 2005 and newer, I’m not sure why, but it always works out that way.

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