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New Girl Group “LOVELYZ” Release Fun New Song


Last week, SM C&C and Woollim Entertainment treated k-pop fans with a pre-release song from their brand new 8-girl ensemble, LOVELYZ. You can read about it HERE.

Just today, Woollim Ent. uploaded their debut track, Candy Jelly Love. Read what 1theK had to say about the group, album, and song concept:

Woollim Entertainment’s first girl-group Lovelyz has released its debut album [Girls’ Invasion]. As the first girl-group album produced by Yoon Sang, the most respected composer of K-POP, it is getting attention for its quality even before the release. ‘Candy Jelly Love’ is the title song that tastes sweet as candies and jellies. Yoon Sang said that he carefully picked out each sound for the song as if he was making sweet treats not music. DigiPedi directed Candy Jelly Love’s music video taking place inside a classroom and captured Lovelyz’s uniqueness.

Watch the MV below:


What do you think? Sweet, too sweet, or not sweet enough?

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2 thoughts on “New Girl Group “LOVELYZ” Release Fun New Song

    • I always try to keep an open mind when I listen to a new group, but for them I was already a bit pessimistic. Shame on me because they are actually quite good! ^^

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