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YG Announces 2nd Member for New Hip Hop Super Group


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On November 16, 2014 YG announced their new Hip-Hop Project, and revealed G-Dragon (from Big Bang) to be the first of a total of five members. The project is set to be released on November 21, 2014 at midnight (kst).

Today, it was revealed that Taeyang, also from Big Bang, is the 2nd member in this new group. Do you have any predictions for the remaining three spots?!

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4 thoughts on “YG Announces 2nd Member for New Hip Hop Super Group

  1. If it’s a combination of their artists, I hope CL is there. Though she’s busy right now. If it’s all boys, Mino (WINNER) and Tablo may be there as well. Though both of them are busy, too. Hmm… This strategy of YG showing teasers before comeback or debut is really working. He’s got everyone curious and interested. (YG bias here!).

    • I wouldn’t put it past them to make it coed. It would definitely be fresh! Maybe with WINNER winding down a bit, Mino could do it (I’m totally Mino biased, lol), and I also heard that Tablo might join up, but at this point it’s all speculation. Whatever happens, it’s gonna be awesome!!! 🙂

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