So Many AMAZING K-dramas, so little time…


I recently finished watching Panda & Hedgehog – I’ll be posting my review for that soon – but now is the time to choose a couple more to watch! I have a long list that awaits my attention, and it keeps growing! A couple of months ago, I started watching Gu Family Book with the hubbs, but he’s on a k-drama hiatus of sorts, so I’m extremely tempted to start that up again; especially since I’m still on a Choi Jin Hyuk kick! 😉

On my list of k-dramas, are also recommendations from friends and other k-pop/k-drama fans who have eagerly shared their suggestions, while gushing about the story and/or cast. I’m soooo very thankful for all the awesome recommendations, so now it’s time to choose and dive into it! There-in lies the problem! SO many incredible dramas, SO little time! Eotteoke?! What to do?!

Yesterday I posted about the DramaFever Awards, and was reminded about all the ‘current’ or 2014 dramas that I’m completely behind on as well! *sigh* Okay, here’s my #firstworldproblem: I prefer to watch k-dramas on my TV, not my PC. You know, so I can get super comfy and just relax. It’s more enjoyable for me that way; however, I have watched dramas on my PC, so it’s a non-issue; I mean, it’s how I watched My Lovely Girl! ^^

Anyway, I’m working on a little pictorial for next month, and one k-actor kept sneaking into my mind, so even as I’ve been writing this random post, I think I’ve decided to start Gu Family Book again (hehe) – for those who are new to K-Cinema, this particular drama is considered a ‘historical’ drama since it takes places in the Joseon Dynasty era; however, with its martial arts and magic, it’s definitely not your typical historical drama!

For my second drama, I’m thinking something lighthearted and funny? Most recently, Black Sesame Blog suggested the drama, Witch’s Romance, and since I’m a total rom-com chick, I think that would be a great drama to watch along with GFB. I tend to watch no more than 2 k-dramas at a time; that way I can just let myself get completely enveloped in the story, and REALLY enjoy it. I also watch a small amount of American TV still, so I try to limit myself, lol. 😉

On that note, what dramas are you currently watching? What type do you normally like to watch? Rom-coms; melodrama; historical; etc? I’m curious, so let me know! ^^

Share your comments below! You can also chat with me on twitter @fangurl_365 and on Facebook by clicking here!

❤ Jeni~


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