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K-Dramas + Food + Discuss [What’s the YUM factor?]


It’s no mystery that K-Dramas are filled with food. There’s food everywhere, and it all looks SO delicious! I mean, just look at these yummy dishes below~


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So here’s my question for the day:

When you’re watching K-Dramas, what do crave the most?

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11 thoughts on “K-Dramas + Food + Discuss [What’s the YUM factor?]

  1. jtlam08 says:

    I’m hungry for Korean food, and I’m not watching a kdrama! Wow, all those pictures of food look really good. I think it sort of depends on my mood at the time, or even the drama I’m watching but I would probably say the food that I crave the most is ramen! The noodles always sound so good.

    • Noodles, yes! I cannot get enough. All that food does look good, and I even got hungry posting them! I totally understand about it depending on your mood. Sometimes I want the ramyen, but other times I just want a bowl of doenjang jjigae! ^^

      • Oh, it is absolutely delicious! You MUST try it sometime. A lot of KBBQ restaurants serve it with the banchan when you order the meat to grill. It’s like a stew, but more soup-ish. The flavor is unbelievable! A little spicy, but not too much, and has a lot of veggies and tofu in it. I’m actually going to try making it in the next couple of weeks!!! I’ll take pics, lol

  2. It sounds silly but the more food featured in a K drama, the more I seem to enjoy the drama itself :-)….
    I love eating ramyen when watching Kdrama (its easy and comfy, I associate that with watching Kdrama) but the food I enjoy watching most is the elaborate breakfast and the BBQ, probably because those I don’t eat often myself.

    • That’s not silly at all! I think food is definitely a catalyst that brings about enjoyment in any situation! I often crave ramyen too, but like you..when they’re eating BBQ, my tummy starts to growl!!! 😛

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