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2014 MAMAs [Special Feature: Day 8]



Day 8


Best Dance Performance Solo Nominee: HyunA

3 Facts:

  • HyunA is a recording artist, dancer, songwriter, model, rapper for girl group 4MINUTE, and one half of the Trouble Maker duo
  • She used to be the rapper for girl group Wonder Girls, but left in 2008 due to health issues
  • HyunA has released 3 mini albums (extended plays); Bubble Pop!, Melting, and A Talk

3 Songs:

Bubble Pop~



3 Pictures:


billboard fanpop onehallyu

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2 thoughts on “2014 MAMAs [Special Feature: Day 8]

  1. jtlam08 says:

    Okay…I like her but I dunno. No offense but she seems to be getting sorta slutty lately. She is cute and pretty but even her latest Troublemaker video was trashy.

    • I understand where you are coming from. She IS pretty and cute, but she has been experimenting with her sexy side because we all know that ‘sexy’ sells. I honestly wonder what her parents think about it! Lol =P And I have to agree with you about the Trouble Maker MV “Now.” I watched it once, and that was enough for me.

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