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Feeling Thankful~



So, today is Thanksgiving; and I have so many things to be thankful for!

While I’m extremely thankful for my family and friends, I wanted to blog about my appreciation for K-Music. Some might find that silly to be ‘thankful’ for, but when I break it down, maybe it’ll make more sense. 😉

We’ve all heard the saying that music is a ‘universal language’ and I truly believe that. It breaks down language barriers as if they never existed…so long as the listener is willing to appreciate the music for the sake of the music.^^

K-music has changed my life, and not in the fangirlesque way some might associate it with. Sure, I’ve let my inner fangirl out at times, but my appreciation for the music goes much deeper than just who is singing, etc. While I have my favorites, I’ve explored many other Korean music artists and groups, and find that each have their own uniqueness that make them stand out; even if they are a part of the same genre (i.e. k-pop, k-rock, etc.). It soothes me and touches my soul in a way that American music (or other English speaking music) never has. Am I biased? Heck yeah! But I also know that if I had never given K-music a chance, I honestly never would have known what I was missing. So, today…I’m thankful for K-Music.

If you have never listened to Korean music, what’s the reason? Is it strictly because it’s not in English? (**Most songs have English words and/or full spots with English lyrics) Or because of the misconception that it’s ALL or ONLY K-Pop? All K-Music is not alike. They have different genres, just like American music, so there’s really something for everyone!

Korean Musical Genres:

K-Pop~Covers pop, some rock, R&B, dance, electronic, etc.

K-Rock~Self-explanatory, but also covers Alternative and Korean Indie Rock

K-Hip Hop~Also self-explanatory, but tends to intertwine with R&B

K-Classical~comprised of orchestras/symphonies, and classical musicians (i.e. piano, violin, cello, etc.)

K-Opera~Self-explanatory ^^

K-Trot~Korea’s oldest form of ‘popular’ music

K-Folk~T’ong guitar & heavily influenced by American folk

K-Christian Contemporary~Self-explanatory ^^

K-New Age~Peaceful, eclectic, etc.

K-Pop, K-Rock, and K-Hip Hop, are the most popular, but every genre has a stable following. Here’s a little sampling…


Royal Pirates~


K-Hip Hop:


Dynamic Duo~


Trouble Maker (Collab/subunit between Hyunseung from B2st & Hyuna from 4MINUTE)~



Violinist – Park Ji Hae~

Pianist – Yiruma~

So, to end this post I want to thank you for reading it. I’m grateful for all of my readers and followers, and I hope that through sharing my love for K-Music, maybe it will increase non-kpoppers’ curiosity and interest – and you might just give it a try! If you’re already a fellow K-Music lover, then we’re totally on the same page, but I’d LOVE to know what the draw is for you. What do you love about it, and why do you listen~?! 😉

Either way…Wishing all of you a Happy Thankgiving. I truly hope today was special, and you were able to make new memories with family and/or friends.

❤ Jeni~



4 thoughts on “Feeling Thankful~

  1. jtlam08 says:

    Great post. I completely get why you are thankful for the music. Some people are not music people, but when you are, it is almost as if music is medicine for the soul.

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