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M/V of the Day~ INFINITE


I like Infinite. No. I LOVE Infinite! They are amazing. Their sound is their own (does that make sense?!), and I love that about them. I mentioned in a previous post that a lot of their songs (especially their upbeat ones) have an 80’s flare to them, and I absolutely LOVE that! I grew up in the 80’s, so I have a genuine love and appreciation for the music of that era. That being said, as a K-pop addict, it’s so refreshing and amazing to listen to a group of guys that are so incredibly unique.

I chose this particular song because I recently watched ASC’s (After School Club – they feature Idols, and the broadcast is in English/Korean, making it accessible to EVERYONE) episode with Infinite! The guys were promoting Last Romeo, and the BTS (behind the scenes) showed L (Myungsoo) performing the dance to this song. My fangirl feels were in overload mode, so now I’ll share this song and MV with all of you! ^^ But first, here’s the clip so you don’t feel left out! πŸ˜‰

ASC – Behind the scenes – L:

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for…today’s MV of the day!


Paradise – Music Core Live


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4 thoughts on “M/V of the Day~ INFINITE

  1. jtlam08 says:

    Ha! L is adorable, so shy! I like this song too. It’s from their repackage album, right? It is cool that we like some similar groups!

    • Lol, yes…I thought he was absolutely adorable in that segment! And yes, Paradise is from their repackage. I’m so glad we have similar tastes in music! It’s a lot of fun to share with people I know will enjoy it! ^^

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