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UNIQ 유니크

I’ve published multiple posts about the rookie group UNIQ, but here’s a great one from another fellow k-popper’s perspective! ^^

Black Sesame


New rookie group alert!! This was the other post that I’ve been meaning to write, but I was too busy at the time. Now I’m here to officially introduce you to a new Chinese-Korean boy band called UNIQ. This group is really new, they literally just debuted last month in October, so they’re really fresh muahaha. I’ve been following this group ever since their pre-debut, when I first saw their teasers being released. Originally there wasn’t a lot of information about this group when I tried to find out more about them. Now that a month has passed, more information has come out. UNIQ is a group formed by YueHua Entertainment and before debuting, they were trainees under YG Entertainment for 4 years. The group consists of 3 Chinese members: Yixuan, Wenhan and Yibo, and 2 Korean members Sungjoo and Seungyoun. The name UNIQ comes from the combination of…

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