Panda and Hedgehog/판다양과 고슴도치


Cute and light-hearted drama. I began watching this without any expectations, but immediately liked the characters.

That being said, I felt like the drama was slow to take off; at least for me. Even though I liked the characters, I found myself struggling through episodes, and would let days go by before watching another one. I finally took a break from P&H (Panda and Hedgehog) after getting through the first 7 episodes. I let it sit for a couple of months, but finally decided to pick it up again. I have this mentality that once I start something, I must finish it – no matter what it is, k-dramas included, lol. It has to be really bad, or seriously lacking in order for me to just stop watching (so far, that’s only happened once with Korean cinema, but that’s another post entirely ^^).

I started back with episode 8, and I don’t know if something finally clicked for me or what, but I actually started to get into the drama, and enjoy it. The storyline opened up and really took shape in a matter of a couple of episodes, and a sweet story began to unfold before my eyes.

Drama synopsis~

Pan Da Yang is a bright, positive woman, and owner of a cake cafe. Ko Seung Ji is a rough young man who is a patissier – pastry chef. His nickname is “Hedgehog” (“Koseumdochi”). These two people, who have totally different personalities, sign a contract to work together at Pan Da’s cafe.

Preview – Teaser~

Final thoughts~

As with many K-Dramas, you begin to care for the characters; you watch them learn, grow, get hurt, endure, and perhaps eventually achieve greatness. P&H is like a puzzle; the more you work on it and work through it, the closer you get to discovering something beautiful. This drama is a beautiful and heart-warming story of love, loss, growth in character, endurance, reunion, redemption, true friendship, and family. While there were frustrating moments – especially during the first half of the drama – it definitely redeemed itself in the second half (I can’t stress enough how good the 2nd half of this drama was…really!)

The only spoiler I’ll give is this – the kiss scene(s) were definitely less annoying (and sort of sweet) compared to others I’ve seen; you know…the ones where the female lead is inexperienced, a bit prudish, and doesn’t move a muscle while being kissed? Yeah, in my opinion, this was much more realistic! 😉

Overall, I was pleased with how this drama turned out, and I would definitely recommend it. I’m actually thinking of starting it over from the beginning now that I have a new-found appreciation for it! If you tend to dislike slow starting dramas, I’d still say to give this a chance. You might be really glad you did. Oh, and did I mention cake? There’s lots and lots of cake, but aside from that, the ‘guy-candy’ should be enough to get you through, anyway. 😉

I give this K-Drama 4/5

Have you seen Panda & Hedgehog? What did you think of it?!

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