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2014 MAMAs [Special Feature: Day 15]



Day 15


Best OST Nominee: Lyn

3 Facts:

  • Lyn was scouted by her agency, and originally debuted under her real name, Lee Se Jin. Her 1st album was not well received, so she went on hiatus to train more before her successful debut as Lyn in 2002
  • She has released 10 full-length studio albums, and 2 mini albums (extended plays)
  • Lyn has won 4 awards since her debut

3 Songs:

I Like This Song~

Miss You…Crying~

Breakable Heart (my personal favorite! ^^)~

3 Pictures:


allkpop 2007.3.7. ÀÓÇöµ¿ ±âÀÚ/ °¡¼ö ¸°(À̼¼Áø)/ ÀÓÇöµ¿ ±âÀÚ hyundong30@jesnews.co.kr wowkeren

What do you think of Lyn? Do you love her voice?!

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