BEAST [B2st] + Military Enlistment + Relationships



According to K-Pop news site Koreaboo via TVReport, the six members of Beast have announced that when the time comes, they will enlist in their mandatory 2-year military service together. But not to worry fellow B2UTYs! We won’t have to see that happen for at least another couple of years since they range in age from 25 to 23, respectively. I do have to say that I’m happy to hear that they plan on enlisting together. Although it will be sad to see them gone for 2 years, we will get ALL of them back at the same time, which should make it easier for B2UTYs to make it through the 2-year hiatus.

On a lighter note, the boys of Beast don’t see wedding bells in the near future, as they have zero plans to focus on dating at this point in time. They are quoted as saying, “[m]arriage is still like a dream to us; that is not a realistic plan for us yet. For the time being, we don’t have any plans for dating too.” I do hope that when the time is right, they will find happiness, but in the meantime, fangirls, can rest assured that their boys aren’t off the market…yet. 😉

To read the full article from Koreaboo, go here.

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Photo Credit:
cube ent.


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