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The Latest ‘SHINee’ News: SHINee World III in Seoul CD + SAEM Endorsement




Have you heard? Two pieces of news that should make Shawols very happy!

  1. On December 11, 2014, SHINee will be releasing their 3rd ‘live’ album entitled SHINee The 3rd Concert Album SHINee WORLD Ⅲ in Seoul. Included are 2 CD’s with a total of 33 songs, and with the Korean version of ‘3-2-1’ as a special bonus! Pretty cool, right?!
  2. Secondly, Korean cosmetic company, The SAEM, has announced that SHINee is the ‘new face’ of the company – and what beautiful faces they are! According to The SAEM, “[we] picked a model who would be able to relay the brand’s message with the concept of eco-friendly to our consumers all over the world. Therefore, we chose SHINee to take in charge with their bright and energetic image.” I totally believe they made a great choice in selecting SHINee!!! 😉 The endorsement details involve domestic as well as global advertisements, pictorials, etc., and The SAEM reported that they would be releasing a ‘making of’ video of the photo shoot soon, to celebrate SHINee as their 2015 endorsers. I am EXCITED! ^^

These two very exciting pieces of news are definitely making Shawols happy!

**It is still rumor, but netizens are speculating about the possibility of Jonghyun debuting as a solo artist in 2015 looks to be slowly becoming a reality. It’s a little known fact that when an idol changes their haircolor, usually a comeback follows, so not to sound overly anxious, but I’m seriously thinking that something interesting will happen next year early on.

What do you think? ^^

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