SHINee Meets Jack Black @ Gimpo Airport


So, this REALLY happened!

On December 5th, the guys of SHINee were arriving at Gimpo Airport right around the time Jack Black arrived from the U.S. I read about this chance meeting shortly after it happened, but I finally decided to post about it because the more I think about it, the more awesome it was!

According to Naver, Jack Black mentioned that he “just got off from the flight, I saw so many paparazzis everywhere. I was like ‘Here we go again, rock star’s life …’ But they took pictures of behind of us and it was the boy group SHINee (who arrived about same time with us).”

Seriously, how cool? Jack Black’s comment tickled me. He must have been so confused at first, haha~

On December 6th, while on the air on Blue Night Radio, listeners asked about his meeting with Jack Black. Here’s what Jonghyun had to say:

It was really intriguing, so this is how it feels like to meet an entertainer! He asked me if I was a rock star, I said I am not, but just a person who sings. He says he’s a rockstar. He was wearing short-sleeved shirts, his sunglasses, and a cap, and when he took off his sunglasses, I said “Are you Jack? Jack Black?!?!” I couldn’t recognise him with his sunglasses on, but once he took it off… And it was Gimpo, not Incheon.. Who knew I would meet Jack Black at the airport. Actually when we were conversing, the members weren’t interested. But the moment I said “Jack?!”, they all turned to look.

What I love most about this encounter is the fact that even SHINee is human. They weren’t totally fangirling (or in their case, fanboying) over meeting a celebrity, but they were definitely star-struck.

The following are a series of pictures from that day…check them out below:



My final thought is this…ALL of SHINee are taller than Jack Black!!! If you’ve seen anything that Jack Black has been in, you know that his acting and personality are larger than life, so you don’t tend to think about how tall he is; however, check it out! Even our beloved Jonghyun is taller than JB~! (FYI: Jack Black is 5’6)

P.S. I am totally loving Jonghyun’s blue hair. I’m definitely excited about the possibility of his upcoming solo album…he mentioned in his show that he had been busy recording in the studio…hrmm…I have a feeling that all of these little hints are adding up to something huge! 😉

I know this post was very random and all over the place, but thanks for bearing with me!!!! ❤

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Photo Credit:
Jjong twitter
uncredited fan


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