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INFINITE Releases MV for ‘Together’


On December 7, 2014, INFINITE released the MV for Together, from the OST of their very own movie called GROW: INFINITE’s Real Life Story. This has me over the moon excited! I love these guys, and I think it’s great that they are sharing their lives with Inspirits across the globe. While it’s only available in Korea for now, there’s no telling if it will open overseas; however, it will most definitely be made available on DVD and Blu Ray in the coming months.

According to Woolliment,

INFINITE is releasing an OST track “Together” in line with the opening of their movie “Grow: INFINITE’s Real Life Story”. “Together” was composed by WooHyun during the world tour “One Great Step” thinking about the friendship between INFINITE members. This song adds more meaning to it as all the members wrote the lyrics ‘Together’. The song portrays not the usual strong performance and dance routine but a melody so cozy and soft to emphasize their trust between one another. INFINITE confesses their feelings to be together for a long time to far and beyond, just like the lyrics “you have filled my heart with light.”

The song is beautiful, and the behind-the-scenes footage shows the strength of the group and their love and appreciation for one another.

Check it out below:


What do you guys think of the song? Are you looking forward to seeing the movie once it becomes available?!

**Note: It’s currently showing in Korea

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