Super Junior’s Siwon Speaks Out About Making Donations



A couple of weeks ago, Choi Siwon – of Super Junior – was photographed and interviewed for L’Officiel Hommes’ December issue. He revealed his philosophy about donations, and had this to say about giving:

Donations are for me to share. A donation doesn’t have to be something monetary, it can be just someone in need of a friend.  […] I follow the principle of keeping my donations private. After a donation is revealed in the public, the meaning of the donation changes. It’s difficult to expect the sincerity and purity of the act of donation.

I always appreciate Siwon’s honesty and sincerity. I would imagine that out of the public eye, his intentions are true and righteous, and he’s probably an extremely lovely human being. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a picture of him that was taken before one of SuJu’s shows. He can be seen reading his Bible, and I believe that his character and the integrity he displays is a true extention of his beliefs.

Although he’s beautiful to look at, he definitely appears to be the whole package – warm, caring, loving, and generous.

What are your thoughts?

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Photo Credit:
L’Officiel Hommes


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