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2AM’s Changmin to Teach ‘Applied Music’ at Seo Hae University in 2015


carmemes changmin

Wow, right? I’ve heard of other ‘idols’ and even actors teaching a class or two from time to time, but it’s usually when they’re older. This, to me, is absolutely amazing and oh-so-cool! If I lived in South Korea, I would do whatever it took to at least audit that class! 😉

Yesterday, a representative of Seo Hae University released the following statement:

2AM’s Changmin has been appointed as a professor of Applied Music at our university. He will begin teaching in 2015. Changmin has obtained great leadership skills as he worked as a vocal trainer before debut and also gained much competencies while working as a singer. While other people takes many years to train, it just took Changmin a few months before making his debut. His singing ability is really well-polished.

It’s really no wonder you see him on Immortal Songs 2 so often! He really is an amazing singer.

What do you think about the future ‘Professor Lee?’

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