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EXO Wins More Awards



Despite a few controveries this year, EXO appears to be on a roll as they win more awards; not only as a group, but for their music as well. Their latest victory was at the 8th Miguhui Awards in Shenzhen, China.

They won two awards for the night:

  • Best Performance – for their song ‘Overdose’
  • Asia Most Popular Group

During one of their acceptance speeches, the following was said:

It’s an honor to receive such a great award. We thank everyone who works hard for us, and EXO-L, we really thank you and love you. We will become an EXO who can repay all of your love with our good music and performance.

Are you happy that the guys are bringing home these awards this year? Do you still feel like their slogan, We are EXO, We are One, is meaningful?

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2 thoughts on “EXO Wins More Awards

  1. I saw a lot of Exo promo stuff at the supermarket this weekend…but have to confess i hadn’t heard of them.. (but then I am a newbie in K-pop πŸ˜‰)

    Btw, I’m watching Liar Game atm, amazing! Very different from the general kdrama, can recommend it!

    • EXO debuted in 2012, but I had never heard of them until last Spring when they had their comeback! So you shouldn’t feel bad at all! πŸ˜›

      I heard Liar Game is quite good. I’ll add it to my list! πŸ™‚

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