My Fav. K-Celebs Vol. 1


Here’s a brief intro to my posting series of K-Celebs~

In this series of posts, I’ll be sharing my Top 10 Fav K-Celebs with you! I’ll publish one volume – which will feature one actor and one actress – every other day or so over the next few weeks, for a total of ten posts. I’m very excited to share this with you, so here we go! ^^

#10-A: Yoon Jin Seo


Born: 5 August 1983
Sign: Leo

What you may know her from:

Shoot Toward the Sun
Sunday Punch
Beastie Boys

12 Signs of Love
Fugitive: Plan B
Moon River
The Return to Iljimae

What I like about Yoon Jin Seo is that in at least two of the dramas I’ve seen her in, she has portrayed characters that are frustratingly real. What I mean by that is when you actually experience one or more “cringe-worthy” moments that are totally relatable to real life! Yoon Jin Seo is diverse as an actress; however, she’s still a woman, and she is great at relaying her emotions in whatever role she takes on.

#10-B: Jung Ho Bin


Born: 8 April 1969
Sign: Aries

What you may know him from:

Friend, The Great Legacy
Shadowless Sword
Marrying the Mafia 2

Into the Flames/Into the Fire
Inspiring Generation
Queen of Ambition
Boys Over Flowers

This 6 foot handsome actor is a man that has been in many K-Movies and K-Dramas, and is definitely recognizable. He generally plays a stoic character, but each role is quite integral to the story. For example, in Boys Over Flowers, you see him as a ‘yes man.’ Carrying out each task assigned to him, no matter what it may be. As the storyline progresses, his character grows. That growth makes the story much more real because he’s no longer a ‘nameless’ face or an emotionless henchman. He’s a living, breathing person that displays his true emotions through his actions.

I have really enjoyed him in every drama or movie I’ve seen up to this point. I think he is a tremendous actor, and I look forward to seeing more of him in future projects!

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