My Fav. K-Celebs Vol. 2

#9A: Ha Ji Won


Born: 28 June 1978
Sign: Cancer

What you may know her from:

The Huntresses
As One
Sector 7
Haeundae/Tidal Wave

Empress Ki
The King 2heart
Secret Garden
Hwang Jin-Yi

What I love most about Ha Ji Won is her smile. It’s so genuine and warm, and when she full-on smiles, it makes you want to smile too! I think she is a wonderful actress, and I really enjoy her in action type movies where she gets to be a BA! πŸ˜‰ Action aside, I thought she was exceptional in the drama Secret Garden. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, I highly recommend it!

Ha Ji Won is also very involved charity work, and has had Ambassadorial roles at home, as well as abroad.

She’s also an actress that is multi-talented. She sings! Her first album was released back in 2003. Check out her performance on Inkigayo:

And…she’s back! After nearly eleven years, she recently released her latest single (which was recorded as a ‘thank you’ to her fans) entitled Now in This Place.

Other notable achievements:

Ha Ji Won has won over 2 dozen awards since debuting in her first movie back in 2000.
Her most recent awards came during the MBC Drama Awards:
Daesang (2013; Empress Ki)
Actor of the Year PD Award (2013; Empress Ki)
Popularity Actress Award (2013; Empress Ki)

**Be sure to check out her new movie, Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, set to release this coming September (2014)!

#9B: Oh Ji Ho & Ryu Jin (It’s a tie!)

Oh Ji Ho~


Born: 14 April 1976
Sign: Aries

What you may know him from:

The Grand Heist
Sector 7
My Wife is a Gangster 3

Cheo Yong
The Queen of the Office
The Slave Hunters

The first time I saw Oh Ji Ho was in Queen of the Office. His super curly hair made me giggle, but it didn’t take long for me to notice those amazing dimples, and stellar acting ability! Oh Ji Ho is very charismatic and witty, and although his role in Fugitive: Plan B (which is not listed above) was concise, he is not easily forgettable…and neither is his voice; did I mention that he can sing? πŸ˜‰

Other notable achievements:

Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries (2013; Queen of the Office)
Best Couple Award – w/Kim Hye Soo (2013; Queen of the Office)

Let’s wish him well, as he recently married his girlfriend in April 2014. μΆ•ν•˜ ν•΄μš”~!

Ryu Jin~


Born: 16 November 1972
Sign: Scorpio

What you may know him from:

The Elephant on the Bike
Dead Friend
Deep Sorrow

Into the Flames/Into the Fire
The Prime Minister and I
Secret Agent, Miss Oh
Scandal in Old Seoul/Capital Scandal

Ryu Jin may have a boyish look that can make any girl swoon, but his acting abilities definitely take him to the next level!Β  Secret Agent Miss Oh was the first drama I saw Ryu Jin act in, and I dare say he even gave me my first case of second lead syndrome. I look forward to seeing him in his next project!

Other notable achievements:

MBC Entertainment Awards: Comedy/Sitcom Popularity Award (2012; Standby)


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