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Holiday Treats & Winter Eats [Korean Edition]


Street food is extemely popular in Korea, and rightfully so. There are several types of goodies you can try on any given day, but some are only seen during colder months.

Here are 5 yummy treats you will want to try:

1. Hotteok –

hotteok maangchiFilled pancakes – dough made from rice flour, filled with sugar, nuts, and cinnamon…yum!

2. Roasted Chestnuts –

ohhsusanna.jpg1Although seen around the world, these are definitely extremely popular during the winter months

3. Bungeoppang –

ohhsusannaFish bread! Made by pouring flour mixture in cast iron mold & filling w/sweet red bean paste

4. Sweet Potatoes –

sweet potatoes foodstoryist.tistoryAnother food not specific to Korea, but very popular and extremely delicious when steamed or roasted

5. Walnut Cakes –

walnut cakes theindefinitelifeBatter filled w/sweet red beans and walnuts! Vendors take it a step further by making them walnut shaped

All of these yummy foods can be found all over Seoul; on street corners, near subways, etc., and of special note…although a few of these may be sweet, they are not nearly as sweet as American sweets (which is something that I actually enjoy about Korean sweets and desserts!).

Are there any on this list that you would like to try?! Let me know!

Sending warm wishes to all my readers….near and far! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year~! ^^

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