My Fav. K-Celebs Vol. 3

#8-A: Jin Se Yeon


Born: 15 February 1994
Sign: Aquarius

What you may know her from:


Doctor Stranger
Inspiring Generation
Five Fingers
Bridal Mask

Jin Se Yeon has a fierce on-screen personality. I first saw her in Bridal Mask, and thoroughly enjoyed her acting ability. The passion that could be seen behind every single action and word was riveting; and I definitely think she’s one to watch. With each new role, Jin Se Yeon will continue to grow and blossom into an even more unforgettable actress.

Other notable acheivements:

Jin Se Yeon played the piano for her own parts in the drama Five Fingers.

She has guest starred in Running Man twice; once in 2012 and 2014.

Jin Se Yeon was nominated, and won Best New Actress at the 2012 KBS Drama Awards.

**Jin Se Yeon is currently acting in the drama Doctor Stranger, which wraps up 7/8/2014.

#8-B: Hyun Bin


Born: 25 Septmeber 1982
Sign: Libra

What you may know him from:

The Fatal Encounter
Come Rain Come Shine
Late Autumn
A Millionaire’s First Love

Secret Garden
Friend, Our Legend
Worlds Within
My Name is Kim Sam-Soon

He’s back! It was so wonderful to see Hyun Bin in The Fatal Encounter; his first on-screen role since being honorably discharged from the Korean Marines at the end of 2012. I really like and respect him as an actor, but it also helps that he’s totally yummy to look at! 😉 Hyun Bin is very charismatic, and just a pleasure to watch on and off the big screen. If  you haven’t had a chance to watch him in The Fatal Encounter, I highly recommend it! It was his first period film, and he performed his role as King Jeongjo flawlessly.

Other notable achievements:

Hyun Bin can sing! He has participated in 3 of his dramas OST’s (Official Soundtracks). Check out “That Man” from The Secret Garden:

He’s also been nominated, and won over a dozen awards since his debut in 2004.

I am thrilled about The Fatal Encounter (as if you couldn’t tell 😉 ), and I am so happy to know that he will returning to the small screen early in 2015!

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