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BoA – Queen of K-Pop to Make Korean Comeback in 2015



Jumping BoA, are you ready?!

It was recently announced that Queen of K-Pop, BoA (Kwon Boa), will be presenting a “special gift” to fans in 2015 by making a Korean comeback; it has been nearly 3 years since her last [Korean] comeback, so fans are definitely excited!

A representative for BoA told StarNews;

At this time, I can’t reveal too much, but BoA will be releasing her new album this year (2015). As always, you can expect the song to be her sound and her charismatic style.

This studio album will be her 8th Korean, and 28th overall – including Japanese, EP’s, compilations, and remixes. 2015 also marks the 15th anniversary since her debut!

What a great year 2015 is shaping up to be…and it’s only day 2! 😉

Are you excited for her comeback?

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Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year filled with joy and endless possibilities!



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