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M/V of the Day~ SONAMOO


TS Entertainment debuted a brand new girl group right at the end of 2014, and they are hot hot hot! I love their concept, and their debut song is daebak, but that’s just my opinion~ 😉

Check it out below:

What do you think?! Hot or not?

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Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year filled with joy and endless possibilities!


11 thoughts on “M/V of the Day~ SONAMOO

  1. Ah, i was searching for the reply button and i was thinking that i’m going blind! But it was dooown down down below xD SONAMOO appeared in the scene powerfully, the song is imposing and so are they, they deliver the message “we’re here to stay whether you like it or not” 😀 I have to admit that i loved them ever since their promotional picture appeared, they had da looks! But they have the music and the moves and the attitude as well!

    • Haha, that reply button is definitely sneaky! 😉
      I agree with you about their powerful entry. I had heard of them, but didn’t pay much attention until their MV was released. Talk about blown away. They def have the looks, but even more so, those girls are talented! I’m really looking forward to seeing and hearing more from them in 2015!

      • Yes it is! It’s lurking in the depths 😛 I paid attention with their promotional picture ❤ 😛 And their debut and MV proved me correct thankfully 😀 They are definitely talented and hopefully they'll bring more songs our way during 2015! I also hope for The SEEYA's debut, their latest song blew me away on the repeat + the forthcoming February song of Crayon Pop, hoping it will be as funnily awesome as i expect it to be 😀

      • 😛
        Most def!!!!

        I’m looking forward to Crayon Pop’s comeback…I read that they worked with Shinsadong Tiger for a dance track, so that is definitely exciting! And of course, combining with their fun style will be so entertaining!!! 😀

        Okay, now I have to check out The SEEYA’s…I’ve never heard of them before!!!

      • Yeah! It’s going to be a powerful collaboration! 😀 All we have to do is wait for now >.> Hope you like them! SeeYa were pretty good as well before disbanding, but the new line-up as The SEEYA is doing a pretty good job, emotionally fortified songs 😀

      • For sure! Waiting for comebacks is NOT my strong point, but it’ll definitely be worth it…that I’m sure of! ^^
        I just looked up The SEEYA and am about to check out 2 of their songs from 2014!

      • Rewarding comebacks are worth the wait 😀

        Daebak! Hope you like them and i really do hope you won’t put them on repeat because that’s what happened to me 😛

      • Absolutely! 😀

        Okay, so I just listened to ‘Tell Me’ and WOW…their vocals are amazing…and their rapper is really, really good!

      • Yes! I’m loving their rapper! Her rapping tone has definitely something, slightly hoarse but gentle at the same time! And “The song of Love” is simply love ❤

      • I totally agree! Oh, and I’ve already got ‘Tell Me’ on repeat, haha! I’m really enjoying this group. Thanks for telling me about them! ^^

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