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2015 has started out with a lot of positiveness and excitement, but there’s also a bit of sad news for fans of long-time girl group Jewelry, as well as fans of the Wonder Boyz.

Although there has been no official announcement regarding the news of the Wonder Boyz, Koreaboo, a popular K-Pop news blog, posted a story stating that Bak Chi Gi responded to a fans’ question on his Instagram account regarding the group; stating in broken English that the group has, in fact, disbanded. *Note: It appears that Bak Chi Gi’s account is no longer available, so at this point, there’s no way to know for sure if the ‘disbandment’ is official. Keep the faith until further notice!

For Jewel Boxes, the news is official. After 14 years, Jewelry’s agency has announced their disbandment stating,

Even though they break up, the girls such as Park Jeong-ah until Seo In-young have participated in a pictorial ‘Adieu’ today at Gangnam. If you think about it, it’s their beautiful goodbye.

For more info, check out the following article: DKPOPNEWS: Jewelry has officially disbanded

To honor both groups, check out their latest comeback songs of 2013:

Jewelry – Hot&Cold feat. Hyung Sik of ZE:A~


Wonder Boyz – Tarzan~


Wishing each individual member the very best as they embark on a new journey~

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