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YG Entertainment + Derrick Bullock’s Claim


So, the media, as well as netizens, have been abuzz with the whole ‘who plagiarized who’ regarding Taeyang’s 2014 mega-hit Eyes, Nose, Lips.

Early on, Bullock was claiming rights to the song that he wrote several years ago, but has since removed it from youtube as well as other media platforms. The last I heard, YG was preparing to take legal action against Bullock for his ludicrous claims.

I don’t have an article I want to link, nor any other info, but I was curious about what you all think about this.

Who do you think is in the right?

Do you think Derrick Bullock is only doing it to get his name out there, and capitalize on the success of a Korean star?

Do you think it’s possible that he’s in the right and YG Ent is in the wrong?

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