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A Recent Discovery – From The Airport


This isn’t a post about something I recently discovered at the airport; although, I did discover something fascinating on my last flight out of SeaTac – but I’ll save that for later. 😉

No, this post is about a Korean Indie band – a duo – that calls themselves “From the Airport.”

Wikipedia actually offers a pretty cool background story about them; which you can read here, and once you’re finished, be sure to check out their brand new song and M/V below – oh…did I mention the song is in English?! Yeahhhh! ^^


This super cool synth-intense song is pretty nifty! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did~! 😉

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P.S. Did you know…that Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has a speaker under each water fountain, and when someone takes a drink, you hear a ‘glug-glug’ sound as if drinking from a water cooler? The things they do for travelers’ enjoyment…lol~


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