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JJCC Release MV for Comeback Track ‘Fire’


It’s out!

JJCC released the M/V for their brand new song Fire, and let me just say that it’s definitely more entertaining to listen to and watch; that is, compared to their first two singles.

Here’s what 1theK had to say:

A talented rookie group JJCC is ready to come back with the second digital single “Fire”. This group, with five members and five different colors, will definitely charm the listeners.

The title song “Fire” is a powerful dance number, often heard in clubs, with fierce synth and beats topped with JJCC’s macho vocals & rap. The title comes from the phrase, “The roof is on fire,” and the lyrics encourage everyone to become passionate and burn away the night.

Check out the M/V below:


My thoughts? It’s funky and fun, but in my opinion it’s not what I would call ‘fresh’. Don’t get me wrong, I totally like it, but a lot of it feels familiar. It’s sort of like an old friend wrapped in new packaging! ^^

That being said…what do you think?! I wanna know! Share your comments below! You can also chat with me on twitter @fangurl_365 and on Facebook by clicking here!




One thought on “JJCC Release MV for Comeback Track ‘Fire’

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