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M/V of the Day~ NU CHEN


Here’s a brand new track by Nu Chen. The title of the song is called Unending Tears.

According the 1theK,

NU CHEN’s new track “Unending Tears” is a ballad about the pain of losing someone and saying goodbye, beautifully sung by NU CHEN’s deep and rich voice. Also, NU CHEN experiments with art within the K-POP genre with his collaboration with anoother artist in the music video of this song.

He works with the hero of Dancing with the Stars 9 (Season 2), a modern dancer and choreographer who creates drama with music and movements, Kim Seol Jin.

The music video for NU CHEN’s “Unending Tears” is like an art performance. NU CHEN’s deep voice combined with Kim Seol Jin’s dramatic movements express the loss of human innocence, wound of losing, and longing in the ballad number, “Unending Tears.”

Check out the M/V below:


It’s a beautiful interpretation of love and loss. NU CHEN’s voice is absolutely beautiful. What do you think?

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