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Jungle Fish 2




So, I’ve been watching this K-Drama for the past 4 weeks now. It airs on KBS World on Sunday nights here in Seattle, WA. When I sat down to watch the first night, I actually didn’t know that this was a drama. I thought it was a documentary of sorts, but it didn’t take long for me to recognize so many familiar faces! ^^

I was drawn into the drama very quickly, and wanted to watch more at a time, but found that this is something I look forward to on Sunday nights now. I just finished episode 4 this past Sunday, and I am really enjoying the series so far.

I wonder how many of you have seen this drama yet, and/or what you think of it if you have.

I am interested in hearing your thoughts about this drama!

Please feel free to share your comments below! You can also chat with me on twitter @fangurl_365 and on Facebook by clicking here!


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