Sunday ‘Fun day’ My Ramblings~

Hi to all my fellow K-Poppers and K-Cinema buffs! I hope you’re all having a fantastical weekend~!

So, this afternoon is wide open for me, and I feel the need to indulge in some K-drama goodness. I’ve got a couple I’ve been watching off-and-on for the past few weeks, but my question is this:

What have YOU been watching?!

Share with me! Or…what do you want to watch or plan to watch in the coming weeks?

Here’s what I’ve been sort of watching…

  • You’re All Surrounded
  • House of Bluebird

I actually watched one episode of Blood last week (I don’t remember what episode, but it was on KBS World), and although I was unsure of how I would like it, I really enjoyed the episode I saw, so I’m adding that to my list of dramas to watch from the beginning!

House of Bluebird caught my eye immediately when I randomly came across it on its first episode on KBS World. However, I know I’ve missed a lot since I haven’t been able to fully watch every episode since the time change (jumping one hour ahead here in the US) because of my Saturday evening plans every week. So, I’ve also added that to my “must watch from the beginning” list so I can really enjoy it to its fullest.

You’re All Surrounded has been one that I’m watching on Netflix (yep…if you haven’t done a search on k-dramas you can view on Netflix…NOW is the time. They have updated their database like CRAZY!!!), and am on episode 5. I didn’t watch any last week due to my schedule being wonky, but I plan on diving back into it this week. ^^

Anyway…talk with me! I’d love to hear about the dramas you are currently enjoying, or even ones that you would highly recommend!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful day and a daebak week ahead~! ❤



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