안녕하세요 (Annyeonghaseyo)~

こんにちは (Konnichiwa)

My name is Jeni, I’m 35 (almost 36), and I live in Seattle, Washington.

First things first. Answers to a few of the MOST ASKED questions:

1. Yes, I am Asian.

2. No, I’m not Hawaiian (although most of my family is from Hawaii).

3. No, I’m not Korean.

4. I am half Japanese.

5. Yes, I’m married.

6. No, my husband isn’t Asian.

7. I love the Korean culture because…what’s not to love?! Specifically? Okay~ the language, the people, the music, the cinema, the food. I really could go on, but I’ll stop there for now. For me, it’s more of a respect for the culture rather than a fascination with just one specific thing.

Random life stuff:

I grew up in sunny California – yep, I’m an original Cali girl – but in June 2002 I moved to humid Arkansas for nearly a decade (to be near family). What did I do during that 10-year stretch?

  • I went back to college, and received a BA in English
  • Dated and eventually married a former Marine – Oo Rah!
  • Attended Graduate school, and earned my MA in Education

In the winter of 2011, the hubbs and I moved back to California; however, that didn’t last long. Early in 2013, we were transferred to Seattle, WA for my husband’s job. As for me, I’m currently an independent consultant for a linguistic company; which explains why I have extra spurts of time to feed my hallyu addiction! 😉

More randomness:

I’m easy going and friendly; laid back, yet passionate; but most importantly I love to laugh! I am an eternal optimist, and I always try to look at the bright side, or silver lining regardless of the situation. In short, I’m an upbeat person with a sprinkledink of inner reality-driven “expect the worst, hope for the best” mentality!

I like to watch K-Movies and K-Drama’s, and I LOVE to travel! I play a little golf, and enjoy spending time outdoors walking, hiking, or passing time at the beach; I love feeling the sand between my toes! I also love to read! ^^

**My goal for the next couple of years is to really put a focus on learning Hangul (the Korean written language), and practicing the spoken language!

The “Why”~

Why did I start this blog? In all honesty, I wanted a place (space?) where I could share my passion for K-Cinema, K-Music, and ‘everything else in between.’ I want to be able to write what I want, when I want, and even meet and interact with others whom share the same interests.

Honestly speaking…

I’ve tried blogging before, but it never stuck. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t truly inspired, or I just got bored, or I didn’t make time, or… Whatever the reason(s) may be, this is a new “bloginning” for me (bad joke?!). 😉

True, I may be a little nutty, but on the real, I’m looking forward to sharing my passion with anyone interested in the same. So,  if you’re reading this…thanks~! ^^


14 thoughts on “About…Me!

  1. I’m really excited following your blog. We have a lot of things in common… Though I am not that great-fan of Hallyu, I have my share of favorites though. The #1 is Rooftop Prince. 🙂 Hanji Min’s been like a royalty star for me. Really nailed it. I really love the couple…The whole cast and their characters and the story.
    On a different note, I’m also an optimist, always looking at the bright side as you have mentioned. 🙂
    Hope you don’t mind the follow. 😀


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